Nat Black [ZA]


Nat Black [ZA]

Nat Black’s enthusiasm behind the decks comes from his deep love of electronic music and the influences he has carried throughout his career. Born in the San Francisco Bay area, he was exposed to the rebellious music of the Golden Gate scene growing up and took that spirit with him when he began to DJ as a teenager in Florida.  Managing UrbandWax records in college his love for underground music grew as he distilled his sound and perfected his technique with residencies at the legendary Simons in Gainesville and SKY60 Orlando.

Always pushing forward for his love of music, Nat earned his degree in Audio Engineering and began producing and working in recording studios in Miami in 2002. Following career opportunities, Nat made his way to Charlotte in 2008 and quickly cemented himself in the Queen City scene when he partnered on the creation of Dharma Lounge Charlotte.  Part owner and full time resident DJ, Nat set the stage for some amazing parties that have made Dharma one of the legendary spaces in Charlotte’s nightlife history.

Since Dharma’s closing in 2014 he has continued to push the boundaries with underground parties at Bassment Charlotte. Always riding the line between serious and playful, Nat’s sets spans genres and his connection to the audience is what pushes him forward.  When asked to classify his style he answered ‘I play other people’s music and sometimes my own’