The Midnight Sun Festival x Iceland x 21-23 june 2019

What to do when in Iceland?


What to do when in Iceland?

Must See in Iceland

Already wondering what to do in Iceland this June when you are not partying it up at the Secret Solstice Festival? Our friends at Must See Iceland have created astounding tours that will keep you talking about your trip to Iceland for time to come.

Zipline in Vík

Is a riveting experience in mid air whooshing over a canyon something you would consider? Well consider yourself lucky because our friends at have that exact tour. Takes about 2 hours. A bit of a hike then whooooosssssh down the Icelandic slopes. Just dress for the weather because a day in Iceland might seem like winter before breakfast and summer during cocktail hour with rain, snow, sunshine and rainbows in between.


Nevermind me. Just gliding along.

The Beer Spa

Think about it. You are sipping on an Icelandic Viking Lager up to your elbows in the SAME VIKING LAGER…NAKED! If that is not a story to tell your children when they turn 21 then we don´t know what is. You learn to love a whole different side of our beer and believe it or not… you will smell awesome afterwards. Not awesome like a homeless drunk awesome but awesome like a cute little leprechaun awesome. Or you could visit a brewery or have a beer tasting night. 

Of course they have the Deluxe Northern Lights Tour, horseback riding, snorkeling, paragliding, prison break, hangover thing where you have to escape from a hotel room… they kind of have it all. Oh and you can also buy tickets for Secret Solstice on their site. We love them and so should you.

Be sure to contact them soon because June is filling up due to our massive import of party people to attend the Secret Solstice Festival.