The Midnight Sun Festival x Iceland x 21-23 june 2019

Ása [IS]


Ása [IS]

Ása is a woman with a child’s heart. With an attitude of giving very few cares for other people’s restrictions and opinions, Ása is paving the way with her music, tearing apart the musical boundaries and pushing away today’s standards of music to create a unique blend of sounds rarely heard together.

Inspired by the likes of Norah Jones and Johnny Cash, Ása’s music will create an uplifting feeling within you and a immediate desire to lose yourself in the rhythm and the lyrics.

Ása’s energy (which translates into her music) is addictive, with her distinctive traits of optimism and an incredible sense of love being felt within every song she releases.

Having an interest in music stemming early into her childhood days, Ása has been singing and recording since her early teenage years, and has now embarked on her solo career.

A striking beauty with a talent to match, this woman has exploded on the scene with her debut song ‘Paradise of Love’ spreading throughout Iceland. This woman has started her solo career with a bang and there is no stopping her.

ÁSA has released three songs witch are played on icelandic radio. Only three month’s after ÁSA started her career she got nominated to an Icelandic award show Hlustendaverðlaunin.