Accommodation Information

What type of camping is available?

We have five types of camping tickets available:

  • Standard Camping Pass – This ticket will give you a pitch on the festival campsite. You are responsible for providing your own tent.
    Rent-A-Tent optionsOur partner Rent-A-Tent offers Secret Solstice customers a variety of tent rental and camping gear options.
  • Classic Tent – This ticket will give you a pre-pitched, 3 person tent on the festival campsite
  • Superior Tent -This ticket will give you a pre-pitched, 6-8 person superior tent on the festival campsite
  • Junior Suite – This ticket will give you a pre-pitched, 8 person tent on the festival campsite
  • Presindential suite – This ticket will give you a pre-pitched, 2-4 person tent on the festival campsite, and includes electricity, sprung beds, duvets, pillows, tickets to the local swimming pool, complementary soft drinks on arrival

Equipment hire is also available for all tent options, and more details can be found here:


What facilities are there in the campsite?

In the campsite you will have access to showers, running water and toilets

 How far away is the campsite from the festival?

The campsite is right beside the festival site, so is the most convenient place to stay

Am I allowed a BBQ, camp stove or campfire?

Campers are allowed to being 220g gas canisters only. Disposable BBQs may be used, but only in the fire lanes / designated BBQ area. No campfires are allowed at all in the campsite.

However, we also want to make all campers aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide poisoning occurs when gas or charcoal (or fuels like them) fail to fully combust due to a lack of oxygen in their surroundings. The stories we have seen on campsites around this subject are generally down to campers cooking inside tents, or leaving a gas burner on inside the tent for heat. Carbon monoxide is undetectable by smell or taste; which is why many may incorrectly think that they are safe to do this. If you inhale enough Carbon Monoxide the outcome can be fatal.

In smaller doses, carbon monoxide can cause symptoms similar to flu or food poisoning. Symptoms to look out for look out for include: dizziness, headache, nausea and drowsiness

To avoid accidents; follow these simple rules:

NEVER cook inside a tent or enclosed camping spaces.
If you need a sheltered cooking area, consider a gazebo or a tent porch with sufficient air circulation and ventilation.

NEVER use gas stoves/fuel burners to heat your tent when cold.
All gas powered items need plenty of ventilation to prevent producing carbon monoxide.
To stay warm, make sure you layer your clothing, and pick up a warmer sleeping bag.

NEVER operate petrol/diesel powered engines in confined/enclosed spaces.

Can I bring my live-in vehicle?

We currently do not have the facilities to accommodate live-in vehicles, but there are many campsites in the local area that are suitable.

Can I park my car near my tent?

For safety reasons we do not allow vehicles to be parked in camping areas/ However, there are a number of carparks available. Please see our travel section for more details.


There is a wide variety of hotels/hostels/guesthouses in Reykjavik with a wide range in quality and cost. We recommend hotels in the 101, 105 or 104 area codes if you want to stay close to the festival site. A variety of different hotels, hostels and guesthouses are also available as parts of our package deals through Festicket.

Other options

Reykjavik has an abundance of AirBNBs available. You can take a look here.

There is a relatively strong couch surfing scene in Iceland so if you‘re feeling adventurous or just want to get to know some locals it could be a good option for you. You can take a look here.