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Auður [IS]


Auður [IS]

Auður followed in the footsteps of Of Monsters and Men, Sigur Rós and Kaleo when he won the newcomer of the year at the Icelandic Music Awards 2016.

His past adventures includes opening up for Post Malone, touring Germany and Austria and traveled all over the world from Japan to Norway, writing and producing. He is now with planned festivals in Germany, Denmark and the UK, having played this year The Great Escape along with JAJAJA performances in London and Berlin, touring with VÖK and other multiple performances in Iceland and Europe, ending the year on a high note with emotional Iceland Airwaves performance.

Auður has earned a reputation for making unconventional ways in the release of his music, from catching his music Pokemon Go style to the golden ticket Willy Wonka style, but this time he took it the next level and released a surprise album “AFSAKANIR” 2.11.2018 (translated Excuses) which is a raw, original and incredible bold piece of pop music. This is an honest and beautiful approach to heartbreaking and deeply intimate details of the end of a long term relationship and battles with mental illness.
Incredible Icelandic artists including Birnir, GDRN, Valdimar, GKR, Matthildur and ClubDub contribute to the conceptual flow of the record.

11.12.2018 It was chosen as the album of the year by KRAUMUR and the very same day Auður released his short film by the same name as his album, “AFSAKANIR”. The music video / short film will be available on his official VEVO channel.

This was an album and film that had to be made in his native tongue. Next year Auður will embark on releasing his first international release with Sony Music, who he signed a recording deal with earlier this year.

AFSAKANIR is a short film based on the newly released album by the multi award winning icelandic artist AUÐUR. Shown from his own perspective and set in downtown Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland. The film includes prominent, new and talented Icelandic artists that all participate in the making of the album making cameos and supporting roles in the short film.

It’s an emotional visual art piece about heartbreak and the kindred steps of the ups and downs trip that a breakup really is. He wants to tackle the obstacles by admitting and owning his own mistakes and weaknesses. Its all about searching within and coming out stronger on the other side, taking a step towards the future. Its a visual journey tied to the album itself.

The film was released in Iceland in December 2018 and released world wide in January 2019.

‘Making music that’s unlike anything else coming out of Iceland right now’ – The Line of Best Fit

Icelandic Music Awards 2016: Newcomer of the Year (Winner)
Icelandic Music Awards 2017: Video of the Year (Winner)
Icelandic Music Awards 2017: Electro Song of the Year (Winner)
Icelandic Music Awards 2017: Singer of the Year (Nominated)
Icelandic Music Awards 2017: Album of the Year (Nominated)
Kraumur Music Awards 2018: Album of the year (Winner)
Radio Music Awards 2019: Album of the Year (Results 02.02.2019)
Radio Music Awards 2019: Newcomer of the Year (Results 02.02.2019)
Radio Music Awards 2019: Song of the Year (Results 02.02.2019)
Radio Music Awards 2019: Performer of the Year (Results 02.02.2019)

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