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Deposit Tickets, Discounted Entry, VIP, No Day Passes, + MORE…

We’ve been getting a ton of questions lately about different ticketing levels at Secret Solstice 2015, our new deposit tickets, VIP entry, and day passes (which won’t exist in 2015). And because we’re a kind and generous festival, and we love all our children, we decided it was time to give you a one-stop-shop where you could learn everything you need to know about ticketing as it stands right now.

Here’s what you need to know…



If you came to our first ever event, you’ll likely know that in the last week before the festival, we sold day passes for each individual day of the event. This WILL NOT be happening at Secret Solstice 2015 — if you’re waiting to get a ticket for these to go on sale, you probably shouldn’t wait any longer.


If you can’t afford a full 3-day pass for Secret Solstice 2015 right now, here’s some good news for you. You can now reserve your ticket for just 10,000 ISK (approx £49/$75/€67), and pay the rest anytime before the 1st of May 2015. This will ensure you won’t miss out on a ticket for our epic second event, but without having to shell out the full price of a ticket now. Numbers are limited, so grab yours now or check out the full details right here.


The full price of a 3-day pass to Secret Solstice 2015 will be around 20,000 ISK (or more) closer to the event. However, you can grab a pass at only 17,900 ISK (approx £86/$128/€121), and they’re flying out the door now. Don’t miss out on one of these, it’s your last chance.


Wanna party like a Nordic god between the 19th-21st of June in Reykjavík? Then get your VIP ticket NOW! Available in limited numbers for only 29,900 ISK (approx £148/$227/€199), these will allow you to access exclusive areas of the festival, beat lineup queues, priority entry at bars, guaranteed entry into the Hel after-hours stage, and more. Worth the extra price? We think even Thor and Odin themselves would be jealous of our VIP ticket holders. Get yours here.

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