The Midnight Sun Festival x Iceland x 21-23 june 2019

Dilivius Lenni [DE]

Genre-specialized and yet very diverse impulseswhether visual, haptic or acoustically – cause the perception of a subjective totality of sensory impressions in the human body. These sensory impressions are also referred as feelings and are exactly what drives people every weekend anew to join the dance floors of this world.

Here one can open and surrender oneself completely to the room-filling impulses, set
body emotions free, meet like-minded people and expand his community. That’s how
friendships grow.

In order to cultivate and deepen these friendships, Dilivius Lenni started his own project:
“Räucherkammer”, where the love for music is most important.

Deep- and Techhouse-oriented his sets truly have a strong character and are very

Whether pastel pink, complementary yellow-violet or brightly screaming hi-hats in
gloomy-threatening climes – Dilivius Lenni knows how to mix timbres and to combine
genres to assemble individual pieces of mosaic ́s into a piece of art.

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