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Every Secret Solstice 2015 Ticket Explained

In our second year, we’ve aimed to bring a better festival experience to everyone, and one of the thing affected has been making more available to every ticket holder, as well as adding an additional all-included ticket type.


To make things easy for those of you who may be struggling to decide what ticket is for you, or if you’re unsure about what some of them include. So without any further ado, here’s every ticket at Secret Solstice 2015 explained, as well as links to buy, or upgrade your existing festival pass.

3-DAY FESTIVAL PASS – 19,900kr

This includes everything you’d expect to have access to at Secret Solstice, the ultimate summer music festival. Party in the midnight sun for three days in Reykjavík Iceland between the 19th-21st of June 2015, with access to every artist, and every stage, over the entire festival weekend. If you haven’t yet grabbed your festival pass for Secret Solstice 2015, you should probably do that now. After all, we’re only just over 20 days away! Find out more, or purchase here.


Want full access to Secret Solstice 2015, but with some extra perks? That’s where our VIP pass comes in. With access to the exclusive on-site VIP bar, priority lanes at all other bars on site (to avoid wait times and queuing), a lanyard program upon entry, exclusive discounts at Reykjavík restaurants, as well as guaranteed access to the Hel after-hours stage, the VIP pass is your way to get more out of your experience at Secret Solstice 2015. At 29,900kr, or only an additional 10,000kr to upgrade for existing 3-day pass ticket holders, the VIP pass is worth every cent. Find out more, upgrade, or purchase your VIP pass now.
NOTE: Upgrading your existing ticket to VIP is possible.


This is the big one. The Rolls Royce, the Rolex, some would even say the Norse god of all festival tickets. Although in terms of price much more high-end, at only 50 tickets in total, Óðinn is the ultimate way to experience Secret Solstice 2015. Some of what’s included consist of a bottle of Reyka vodka (or equivalent) per festival guest per day, three meals every day, pre-event cocktail walk around of the festival site before gates open with management staff, access to the artist’s bar with the chance to rub shoulders with Secret Solstice artists during the event, exclusive Óðinn merchandise upon entry, meet-and-greet sessions with artists, exclusive back/side stage viewing areas, and so much more. Being an Óðinn ticket holder isn’t just about having the most epic experience at Secret Solstice 2015 possible, it’s about seeing the event in a way nobody else will, and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Find out more about Óðinn or buy now.
NOTE: Upgrading your existing ticket to Óðinn is possible.

CAMPING PASS – 9,000kr

If you’re coming to Secret Solstice 2015 and don’t want to stay in one of the city’s many hotels or hostels, you can camp right next to the festival site for only 9,000kr, from Thursday evening to Monday morning. We’re sure you’ll agree this is by far the most economical way to stay in Reykjavík during your time in Iceland, especially if you have your own camping gear. But if for some reason you need a tent on top (as camping gear is not included), you can rent one via our partner Rent-A-Tent during your stay. Purchase your camping pass here, and add on a pre-pitched tent from Rent-A-Tent if you need one.

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