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Parliament-Funkadelic founder George Clinton is the funk and soul pioneer that has been releasing records and touring the world for decades. The Godfather of Funk, Clinton was famously inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997 by fellow music superstar Prince. A musical genius known for his funky attitude, cool sense of humour and fun loving character, he once told Prince after sending him a tape, “You pee on it and send it back to me. Then I’ll pee on it and then we’ll see what got!”


Prince recorded Erotic City right after attending a concert with George and the Parliament-Funkadelic. Ice Cube lists him as a massive influence as well.


Admired by the industry as the original OG, he taught Snoop Dogg the meaning of ‘dope’. It is his music, his PFunk mythology and innovation that has seen him bind two aspects of music together. He is one of the most sampled artists on earth, due to his forward thinking mentality, he opened up his music to new artists  right from the start, collaborating with young musicians in the 80s who wanted to sample his music to create something new. Pfunk developed into Gfunk connecting generations of artists together.



His life is as inspiring and eventful as his music and reading his biography ‘Brothas Be, Yo Like George, Ain’t That Funk’ Kinda Hard On You?’ he has stories spanning his 60 year career that you could only dream of. A true timeless artist he was influential in the boom of the hip hop scene 40 years into his career.


With 16 albums, Grammy and Emmy nominations, movie roles and a never ending catalogue of hits, there are few musicians that can be called true legends and a source of inspiration for countless artists in hip hop, funk, rock and roll and soul. George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic is the epitome of a musical legend.


George was a barber and his hair has always had quite the following.


If you haven’t seen a George Clinton and Parliament -Funkadelic performance then you have to experience it at Secret Solstice this year as one of the last performances the group will play. The energy is contagious, the beats are endless and his charisma is magnetic.


As he retires from the touring circuit, don’t miss the rare opportunity to be a part of musical history with George Clinton and Parliament -Funkadelic .in Iceland for their last tour ever.

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