The Midnight Sun Festival x Iceland x 21-23 june 2019

Grúska Babúska [IS]

Grúska Babúska released their debut album in March 2013 with the UK label Static Caravan, on a usb babushka doll, co-produced by Mike Lindsay (Tunng) and mixed at Greenhouse studios in Iceland. At Iceland Airwaves in 2013, they released their B-sides in wooden babushkas containing a download code to 4 tunes. In 2015 Grúska Babúska released their 5 video series, where each single came with a video, all directed by female film makers and artists. In October 2016 Grúska Babúska stayed for a week in Glastonbury, UK, under the influence of goddesses and other new age influences, writing and recording tunes that are being released winter 2017.

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