The Midnight Sun Festival x Iceland x 21-23 june 2019

Hatari [IS]

Hatari is a political multimedia project which aims to unveil the relentless scam that is everyday life. We cannot change things, but we can unveil the anomie of neoliberal society, the pointlessness of every minute spent in the race, and the low price for which man sells himself ever more blatantly.

We can scream at our own impotence, scream at our collective sleepwalk through routine, and implore our audience to unite, back to back, and dance. Dance or die.

Exciting, unnerving and thought-provoking: HATARI treads a thin line between politically charged performance art, politics and music. The Icelandic multimedia performance project ‘unveils the relentless scam that is everyday life’. The band was perfectly described by Consequence of Sound as “part David Lynch nightmare, part goth dress-up party and part industrial love letter”. And HATARI has the music to match its explosive performances in the form of a powerful blast of bondage-pop, techno-punk and industrial-goth.

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