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Luca Donzelli [IT]


Luca Donzelli [IT]

Luca Donzelli resides between the mystical island of Ibiza in the summer and also the great city of Barcelona in the winter, with his heart and origins deeply rooted in Tuscany, Italy. He is one of those djs who can express his humble and genuine personality, not only in everyday life but also behind the decks; he exudes emotion and feeling in abundance whenever he is performing. A modern day electronic composer if you like…. His tracks are a perfect mix of passion, innovation and traditions, typical of his country, encompassing multiple genres to create exclusive and uniquely fresh blends.
He was introduced to electronic music thanks to his family at a very young age, meeting the club culture mid 2000’s with his first parties. Not long after saw his professional debut as dj in the local clubs and his basement become a real studio space to test his creativity in music production.
Tracks like “Bottle of Truth” first and “Burn that Gasoline” after, gave him the right visibility to capture the attention of Mar-t and his label “Wow! Recordings” of which now Luca is the official AR label manager since a few years. The friendship and music collaboration with Mar-t brought them to reach the n°100 release with the label and made Luca’s international profile steadily increasing each year: Argentina, Chile, Australia, Dubai and Lebanon to name just a few. Everyday refining his music ideas and constantly looking for enjoyable rhythms also in his sets, Luca Donzelli saw his releases coming out on the main international labels like: “Hot Creation”, “Saved Records”, “Moon Harbour”, “8bit”, “Avotre”, “Cajual Records”, “Muna Musik”.
Nowadays, after appearing behind the main festival decks like Printworks, Space and Ministry of Sound, Luca Donzelli is global resident at Pyramid Amnesia Ibiza and resident dj with his own branded night ‘Morositas’ at Tenax (Florence) and more than ready to grow in stature and show his talent all around the world.

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