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Must See Dance acts at Secret Solstice 2018

Our friendly Secret Solstice staff members recommend these top acts!

1.  Marbs (Desert Hearts) –  playing​ our ​ASKUR stage on Sunday​

Marbs’ musical talent and humble DJ presence commands any dance floor with his sounds of mystical darkness and whimsical tribal rhythm​s. ​The night sky’s the limit for this King of Darkness. With a sound like no other, a heart of gold, and a determination matched by few, Marbs is sure to lead this movement of love until the very happy end.

2.  Skream b2b wAFF –  ​playing ​our HEL stage ​on Saturday​

London-based Producer and a ​dj Skream ​a​.k.a Ollie Jones, played a vital role in the development and popularity of dubstep during the 2000s. Never wanting to limit himself to one genre,  much of his work since the mid-2010s has explored house and techno all around the world. Joining him is another ​British dj, wAFF who has gained a ​massive reputation worldwide​ and ​has ​already released on big labels like Hot Creations, Desolat and Kaluki. These two will give you goosebumps​!

3.  Petre Inspirescu b2b Raresh b2b Rhadoo ​- playing HEL stage on ​Friday​

The Romanian trio​ will hit our stages this summer​ and is made up of Petre Inspirescu​,​ one of the most visionary artists electronic music has to offer​;​ Raresh​,​ one of ​Romania’s top electronic ambassadors and ​the kind of dj that ​never play​s the same kind of music, hungry for old and new; and of course Rhadoo,​ with amazing dj skills, sleek remixes and subtle productions, it’s hard to ​pick just one that Rhadoo does best.

4.  Intr0beatz b2b DJ Caspa – ​playing our ​FENRIR stage ​on ​Saturday

A seasoned local veteran, ​this in demand DJ Intr0beatz used to be focused on hip hop, leading the Icelandic scene with his band, Forgotten Lores. Most recently he has gained notoriety as a house ​dj and producer​. He will be going back to back with his good friend DJ Caspa, ​o​ne of the biggest names in the UK underground​.​ ​He’s back on the scene doing what he does best, gaining notoriety in the house set. Famous for his djing abilities and for being a supporter of fellow artists. He’s played countless DJ sets around the world, in clubs and at festivals. Last year he closed the London Underground Stage, Block9 at Glastonbury. You can catch this guy doing what he does best on his Underground Sessions radio show on, every Sunday from 8-10pmGMT.

5.  Marco Faraone –  ​playing our ​FENRIR stage ​on ​Saturday

Marco Faraone i​s a young​,​ exceptionally multi-talented dj​ and producer​ and probably​ one​ of the most versatile​ we have seen in years, yet the launch of Uncage shows he is still adding strings to his bow – a sign of true staying power in this fast-paced industry​.

Check out our Secret Solstice Spotify playlist to hear ​more from our ​House acts and stay tuned for our next Secret Solstice recommends list of must see acts!

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