The Midnight Sun Festival x Iceland

Sbeen Around [IS]


Sbeen Around [IS]

Sbeen Around is on a timeless journey on the houseroad. Born and mostly raised in Iceland since
1982. Got familiar with the sounds of the underground from her musically driven friends around the age of 25. Since that time she has been finding her own groove in the various genres with in house music & is no where finished with exploring new tunes & finding old gems to experiment with behind the decks since 2016. Monthly mixseries for House Salad Music, MUG Melodies. Devoted editor for House Salad Music, recommending the finest tunes out there for HSM on Facebook on a weekly basis. Resident DJ for Reykjavík Underground. Been spinnin‘ around the various clubs in Reykjavik, Iceland. Looking to experience a wider scene of clubs out there.
This is a neverending story between a DJ & the love for house music

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