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Secret Solstice Becomes a CarbonNeutral® Event in 2016

Secret Solstice festival has always been proud to limit our impact on the environment, and have put many positive efforts in place to make this a reality. Since 2014, we’ve been praised for our environmental efforts by some of the world’s largest media publications, and have worked with partners to make certain we’re being as eco-conscious as we can.

Today, we’re happy to announce something BIG, that means Secret Solstice will be greener than ever before in 2016.

We’re extremely excited to announce that Secret Solstice festival has just been certified a CarbonNeutral® event for 2016, with the help of Natural Capital Partners. This means all CO2 from supplier and organiser travel, and event waste has been balanced out with the purchase of high quality, verified carbon offsets, which we have have purchased from a rainforest conservation project in Madagascar.

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This means that from today, Secret Solstice becomes one of the world’s only major International music festivals that will be verified CarbonNeutral® in 2016.

Not only that, but we’re making sure we go green in every possible way in 2016, with many other conscious efforts…


One of the things that sets Secret Solstice apart from almost all other major music festivals on planet Earth is our use of geothermal energy. While almost all events rely heavily on things like diesel-burning generators, or non-renewable sources of mains power to bring music to the masses, our on-site energy needs are provided by Mother Nature herself, in the form of volcano-powered and 100%-renewable geothermal power. This is one of the major factors that allows us to go green much easier than most of the planet’s major music festivals.


Toyota is known worldwide for being a forward-thinking auto manufacturer, being the first major car company to bring hybrids to the masses. Secret Solstice has just entered into a very positive partnership with Toyota Iceland, who have provided the event with long-term hybrid vehicles, to help us minimise our carbon footprint event further.


Icelandic Glacial™ has been with Secret Solstice from the very start, hydrating our guests with ultra-premium bottled water from Iceland. We’re extremely happy to be in partnership with Icelandic Glacial™ again, who help us enact an intensive recycling program at the festival site, including providing the event with hundreds of biodegradable cardboard recycling bins. Oh, and just like us, Icelandic Glacial are a CarbonNeutral® brand (the first bottled water on Earth to be certified) as well, so they definitely get a fist bump from us because of that.


You can also help us make a difference in how we choose to treat the environment during the Secret Solstice 2016 weekend. Whether it’s choosing to bring less luggage with you to Iceland, walking to the festival site, recycling as much of your waste as you can, carpooling with multiple people if you live out of Reykjavík, hitching a ride with someone already going to the festival, choosing to buy products that offset their carbon emissions while in Iceland, or just being a decent human being and not throwing your trash where it shouldn’t be, there’s always a little more effort you can put in to do some good for this ball of rock we all call home.

We hope we can continue this trend of positive change every year we hold our event. But for this year, we look forward to seeing all of you at Secret Solstice 2016.

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