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Séra Bjössi [IS]


Séra Bjössi [IS]

Séra Bjössi started out as a joke and still is to this day. What started out as a joke between friends has grown into a somewhat controversial band. We try not to take ourselves too seriously and our lyrics are not your typical rap lyrics.

We started posting our songs onto soundcloud,
Just so we could have a comfortable place to listen to the songs without having to be at our producers place. We weren’t expecting any reaction from anybody and when we started gathering plays we were kind of shocked. After that we moved over to Spotify where we have been featured on Iceland’s Top 50 playlist multiple times.

Faðir vor þú sem ert á himni,
Guð blessi séra Bjössa og alla hérna inni,
Fáðu þér í smettið og taktu af þér beltið,
núna er séra með settið.
Vona að þú sért að kreiva þennan D.I.K.K

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