The Midnight Sun Festival x Iceland x 21-23 june 2019

Sprite Zero Klan [IS]

Sprite Zero Klan is a band is a band wich started in 2016 as a school joke with the children hit song Dimmalimm. Dimmalimm has over 600.000 veiws on Youtube and 400.000 listens on Spotify.
We recently wanted to do something more and gave out Þetta Er Rán with Króli and it has gotten 120.000 listens on Spotify. Also released a single called Tíkin Mín, our favorite. So much power performing Tíkin Mín live.
We are in a collaboration with Strætó bs. for our next single and music video called Næsta Stopp, will be out in february hopefully. We’ll be dropping an album next to the song.
We enjoy playing our music and we just want to make people have a good time, lots of energy and good vibes.
We’ve been working with some very talented producers: Auður, Starri, Jökull Breki, Oddur Þórisson.

Sprite Zero Klan (SZK)

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