This has come MUCH sooner than we could have expected; 18,900kr tickets to Secret Solstice 2015 are almost sold out. Have you got yours yet? Since our last epic announcement when we almost doubled our lineup, 3-day passes to our 2015 event have been flying out the door. Right now we have less than 200 […]

Look, we’re not trying to pretend we’re one thousand times more amazing than any other music festival on the planet (we are though, but we’re trying not to be immodest), but there are certain things that Secret Solstice has, that most events just cannot boast. Music aside (because we all know the incredible artists who will […]

We’ve been getting a ton of questions lately about different ticketing levels at Secret Solstice 2015, our new deposit tickets, VIP entry, and day passes (which won’t exist in 2015). And because we’re a kind and generous festival, and we love all our children, we decided it was time to give you a one-stop-shop where […]

We’ve had a massive reaction so far to our initial dance lineup for Secret Solstice 2015, though many of you have been asking for more. We’re happy to announce that this coming Tuesday, the 10th of February 2015, we’ll give in to your demands — our first major lineup announcement is coming your way. You may […]