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10 Acts to discover at Secret Solstice 2018

Iceland is known for its otherworldly energy, creativity and unique natural landscape, so what better place to let out your adventurous side and discover new sounds and artists. To get you started on your musical journey we have made a list of the top 10 promising Icelandic acts  to check out.

Une miseré                               

Valhalla stage, Saturday at 5.00 pm

A group of artists from various hardcore rock bands, inspired by Iceland’s darkest and most bleak aspects, joined forces to create Une Misère. A collective with a sound that pushes boundaries and cuts deep, you have to experience them live.

Mike the Jacket

Askur stage, Friday at 4.30 pm

Friðrik Thorlacius (Mike The Jacket) is a well established electronic producer/Dj from the land of fire and ice. He has made big waves within the music industry in his homeland. Working on multiple projects for a number of years, and also performing at last Solstice editions with his duo K.S.F.


Fenrir stage, Saturday at 7.10 pm

Kilo is an Icelandic rapper who raps in English and Icelandic. He has been recording and performing his solo material for the past 16 years. This is Kilo’s 4th time performing at Secret Solstice, and as usual he will be bringing the ruckus! In his own words “I’m a big fat white boy rockin bangers harder then everybody this summer.”

JóiPé X Króli

 Valhalla stage, Thursday at 6.25 pm

JóiPé & Króli are two young artists on the rise in the Icelandic Hip-Hop scene. In only a few months they racked up over 1.000.000 streams on Spotify. Despite their young age their stage presence is well developed, electrifying and something you don’t want to miss out on.


Askur stage, Saturday 5.00 pm

Rix has enforced his forward-thinking track selection and technical prowess on the Icelandic nightlife since the early 2000s. Throwing in his usual antics to get the masses soaring. One thing is a fact, he will get you on the dancefloor, sending shivers down your spine and even making your toes curl!


Fenrir stage, Friday at 6.50 pm

A group on full speed marching from the underground of Reykjavík Iceland. Skrattar do not twist and turn things, they bring it to the table like it is, cold and warm at the same time. Not giving a damn about what you think. Tune in and get yourself some sleaze into your existence.

Dj Frímann b2b Casanova

Askur stage, Saturday at 9.00pm

Ladies and gentlemen, movers and shakers..

Let me introduce to you the music ambassador…Dj Frímann. He has been the infrastructure to the always energetic and dynamic underground Icelandic music scene since 1987. He will be going back to back with Casanova, who has ticked all the boxes that most good Icelandic dj’s have done for the past years.

For a Minor Reflection

Gimli stage, Friday at 9.30 pm

Their music is highly recommended for fans of Sigur Rós, Explosions in the Sky, Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Mono. FaMR’s music has been described as being energetic, loud and powerful whilst still remaining delicate, intriguing, melodic and emotional.

Between Mountains

Fenrir stage, Sunday at 6.00 pm

Between Mountains is a female teenage duo from Westfjords that were the surprise winners of the annual battle of the bands, Music Experimentals, in 2017. The girls have received attention for their harmonic vocals, melodic songwriting and their confident performance despite their young age.

BenSöl b2b KrBear

Askur stage, Sunday at 7.00 pm

The long experienced local and one of  Secret Solstice’s resident DJ´s, Bensöl, returns from Barcelona with his arsenal collection. This time collaborating on a two hour back to back set with KrBear, a Dj who has gained great reputation in the Reykjavík underground scene over the last years, for the interesting surprise factors, positive atmosphere and massive beats. He is set to release his first EP album soon.

Make sure to check out these and more exciting acts you can discover this summer at Secret Solstice 2018.



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