The Midnight Sun Festival x Iceland

What is different about this festival?


Have you ever wondered why in our 5th year, Secret Solstice is still regularly called the most unique festival on Earth by international media? Is it our eclectic music line up? The one of kind Icelandic landscape? The exclusive music driven side events hosted in beautiful wonders of nature? Or is it a certain j’e ne sais quoi?

Well, we think it is all of the above and a little more. So we made a list of our favourite reasons that make us different.

1. Something for everything

We gather so many genres of music from artists from around the world and bring them together in one big boiling pot of energy, love, nature on an wonderful island populated by only 330,000 people. You can have it all up here in the north.

2. The spirit of the Norse

In celebration of the traditions of the summer solstice, our stages our named after Norse Mythology.

Our dark arena is called Hel after Thor’s sister Hela, who plucked out his eye. Valhalla was ruled by the Valkyries where men who have died in combat die. Gimli is the home of those who survived Ragnarök and Fenrir was the son of Loki. He was the woolf that killed Óðinn during Ragnarök. So you could say Secret Solstice is a little memory of Icelandic history.

3. The Luxury of the Viking Gods

We offer the only $1 million dollar festival ticket, which will give six people the week of a lifetime. If you want to hear all the perks you can imagine, read all about that here. Not to be outdone, our Óðinn ticket, aptly named after the father of Thor, offers a luxury package to remember. We have a special area for all our Óðinns with free drinks and cocktails at the Óðinn bar and a fantastic team at your beck and call. Find out how to join the realm of Óðinns here. We also provide guests with glamping options on our campsite, because after experiencing Óðinn service, you won’t want to leave

4. The never ending sun

You’ve heard of the magic hour, that moment where the sun is it’s most beautiful to observe, now imagine basking that rare beauty everyday at Secret Solstice. With 96 hours of endless sunlight you’ll feed off the energy and the spirit of the sun to keep you partying through our 4-day offering of music, activities, culture and nature.


5. Journey through nature

Never have I ever…raved in a glacier or listened to acoustic sets in a magma tube? You can tick that off your bucket list with the Secret Solstice side event experiences. We host unbelievable side events that have made headlines around the world.

Transporting only a handful of people, we take them on a fun journey through nature to a lava field and inside a 5200 year old lava tunnel to listen to an intimate and surreal gig inside the former path of molten lava. And if you want to feel even more like you’re in a Jules Verne adventure, we host a party inside a the second largest glacier in Europe. Find our more about our side events, The Lava Tunnel 2018 here and Into the Glacier here.

6. The full festival experience

We love how adventurous and engaged you are at our festival, you bring your friends, family and children into the mix so we make sure you have the full festival experience. Our kids fort on site is designed to keep your children entertained with fun activities. And for the adults we have top food and drink vendors as well as a list of service vendors where you can get your hair and make-up done, real tattoos (and fake ones for the slightly less adventurous) and other exciting things during the midnight sun festival.

We could keep going but we’ll leave it up to you to add your favourite reasons after you experience Secret Solstice 2018.

See you in June!


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